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Omegaflo Health Program

Omegaflo health program provide a seamless model through our clinical and supportive staff
to help accustom, personally and professionally, to your new work and home environment.

We will walk you through step by step process ranging from nclex registration to the immigration process.

Joining the Omegaflo Health program, you will work with a complete team of experts who are tailed to help you succeed in your journey to the USA!

Treatment plan
Treatment plan

Nursing Education


We provide elaborate review program for Rclex-Rn preparation including videos, webinars, books, and personalized coaching. 

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Visa Picture.jpeg
Visa Picture.jpeg

Licensure and Immigration

We will work you through the rigorous process of licensure and visa process through our experienced team of professionals. We will be your advocate through out the immigration journey.

Adaptation Program

Our team of specialized professionals will provide adequate support through every stage of your transition professionally, socially, and culturally.

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Excellent Career Opportunities

We have diverse relationships with clients hospitals with juicy placement opportunities in different healthcare settings


We will guide, support, and be your eye throughout your period of agreement with omegaflo health.



We offer great benefit ranging from Immigration sponsorship, Great salary, Relocation Assistance


Start your Application Process with us

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