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Program – EB3 Visa

Let's hold your hands

Our experienced licensure team will guide you through the licensure and credentialing process. We will simplify the applications and assist you in securing all the documentation required to secure licensure in the U.S

We also offer several visa options to match your situation and qualifications.

Our experts are here to assist you through the entire visa filing process. 


Hold a current registered nursing, physical therapy or occupational therapy license within your country of residence (subject to verification)

Step 2


Have at least one year of current and consistent post graduate experience at a tertiary level or large secondary level hospital with at least 80 beds in an acute care inpatient setting.

Step 3


Be a graduate of a registered nurse training program from an accredited school of nursing which covered medical, surgical, obstetrics, pediatrics and psychiatry - both clinical and theory. A BSN is preferred but not required.

Step 4


Meet the requirements as laid down by U.S. immigration for permanent residency applicants.

Step 5


Meet English proficiency in accordance with Section 343 of the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigration Responsibility Act of 1996 (VisaScreen)

Step 6

Interest in USA

Be very interested in pursuing both lifestyle opportunities and career development in the U.S.

Step 7


Be flexible on assignment location

Step 1

License in Home Country


Do i Qualify
Our Process

Step 1


Complete your application online with your details. Also do not forget to upload your CV

Step 2

Interview And Submit Documents

Tell us about your American Dream and nursing experience. If we find you eligible, we'll collect the documents that need to be submitted for the State Board application. State board approval is needed in order to take the NCLEX.

Step 3

State Board Approval

After your State Board Application is approved, you can start studying for the NCLEX. We will hold your hands through this journey with a free 3-month review to help you prepare for the exam

Step 4


The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is a requirement for all non-native English speakers who wish to study/work in the U.S. Most nurses take 2-3months to prepare for and take the IELTS test. We provide a free review to help prepare for the exam.

Step 5

Visa Screen Certificate Received

Once you pass the NCLEX and IELTS, these are submitted to CGFNS who then retrieves your transcripts directly from your school.

Step 6

TN Visa Issued

With the Visa Screen Certificate, Offer Letter from the hospital and your Omegaflo contract, you will arrive at the Embassy appointment where your TN visa is issued.

Step 7

Arrive in the U.S.A

Continue your clinical preparation program with us whilst you live the American dream

Step 8

Begin Work

Travel to the location of your new home and new job!

Step 9

Green Card Processing

Once you enter your second year of employment ar your hospital, OmegaFlo will begin your green card process. This should take about 6-9 months in total.

Step 10

American Dream

Share your #IamExcellent story with others as you live your dream!

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