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That is our name, we respect our mission, value, and passion to bring the best for our client and professionals

To be the first and the best choice for healthcare answer locally and nationally providing unsurpassed excellent care with the leading clinicians providing the YOU FIRST solution To be the destination of choice for clinical staffing excellence

Omegaflo health is a foremost recruiting and staffing organization who specialize in recruiting nursing including international trained nurses and other surgical services. Our program, Omegaflo program which is a robust program help our international trained nurse through their american journey from licensure to Immigration.


 Our team includes experienced healthcare professionals that know what it takes to be the best in the industry. We treat each of our prospective candidate's specific career objectives in mind. Our team will provide you with openings at  avaliable facilities nationwide to help you reach your most ambitious career goals.


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Omegaflo care about your candidate's personalized needs. We are omega, full of passion to help and dedicated to consistently providing you with the highest service and talent possible. We have the pleasure of working with different hospitals, nursing and allied health professionals in the industry at their organizations.

We are what you need to get your dream started before, during and after placement. We will help you find your dream job and start on help you get on to your american dream.

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Our service is a testament to  helping you achieve your dream nursing Job in the United states